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The changing power demands placed upon hard-working data centres are evolving continuously.  We capture and use more data now than ever before – and the trend in terms of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that this usage is forecast to continue at almost unimaginable rates. 
With a reputation built on robustness and reliability, Six Degrees Group needed a critical power infrastructure to exceed its customers’ expectations.  Trading in living technology, around the clock support is vital to the Six Degrees Group and its partners.
Timothy Arnold, Colo Technology Director at Six Degrees Group, identified Socomec’s Digiware range for a number of critical applications. Arnold explains: “We increasingly need to better understand the specific power utilization within our facilities.  Although we have historically been able to determine the power utilization for an entire building, we have not been able to monitor the power utilization across unique data halls – and different pump sets – within that building.  Optimizing chiller performance – and energy consumption – has not previously been possible.”

Download the case study that explains how Six Degrees Group now work with accurate reliable data to help make informed long term energy efficiency decisions.
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