Check your UPS battery performance whilst maintaining your critical load !

Battery Capacity Re-injection allows significant cost savings and reduces
the Total Cost of ownership.

There are only 3 main reasons to voluntary discharge a battery :

  • ​​​​​​Check the remaining back up time 
  • Discharging the battery for the specified autonomy time to confirm correct battery capacity
  • Stress the battery with a short discharged to detect battery weaknesses

but there are several ways to discharge a battery:

  • By using the real load
  • By using a resistive load bank
  • By re-injecting the current through the bypass of the unit being tested.
  • By using the SOCOMEC Battery Capacity Re-injection option

This document focuses on the different solutions to discharge a battery and their benefits.

Download now this Technical Note and learn how to simplify your battery health checks – and to guarantee optimised performance.

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Technical Note: Battery Capacity Re-injection (battery discharge test)

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