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The MASERA project (Microgrid for Affordable and Sustainable Electricity in Remote Areas) is part of the REIDS demo project (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore). 

The project, under the direction of EDF, represents the enormous complexity of managing all the sources of a microgrid.

There is a dual objective – to both improve the quality of life of people living in remote areas and to protect the environment.
Thats why, the components of the solution are connected to a reliable and secure communicating metering system - MASERA is controlled by a 100% EDF system.

Download now this case study to learn more about Multi-source power supply for an isolated site.

Key figures

Project duration: 4 years
Funding: internal and through local partnerships with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Economic Development Board (EDB)

The customer

Kévin Choletais, Research Engineer EDF R&D - Project Manager MASERA - REIDS

"Thanks to the expertise and quality of the Socomec solution, we have met the challenge of designing, integrating and deploying a microgrid on a remote island in Singapore"


Case Study: Energy storage system for hybrid microgrids

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