Energy storage solutions for grid optimization and microgrid

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NICE GRID (2012-2016) is one of the leading French smart grid demonstrators, with a 30M€ budget. It dealt with massive PV integration within the electrical grid at Carros, near Nice on the French Rivera.

The aims of the demonstrator are:

  • To optimize the operation of an electricity distribution grid by using energy storage
  • To study and test the performance of an autonomous microgrid that is isolated from the main grid, supplied by PV and energy storage.

Three cases studies are available:

Case Study: Smart Grid

Energy storage solutions for grid optimization: general presentation of Nice Grid demonstrator

Discover a 30 M€ smart grid project with several energy storage systems installed.

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Energy storage solutions for the massive integration of renewable energies and management of peak load times

Understand how energy storage can be used to massively integrate renewable energy within the grid and manage peak load in winter

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Energy storage solutions for islanding and microgrids

Discover how energy storage can supply a microgrid disconnected from the main grid

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