Would you like to achieve Total Cost of Ownership savings of up to 30% across 10 years?

Li-Ion batteries 
can help reduce your Total Cost of Ownership across many UPS applications.

Furthermore, for an installation with a back-up time requirement of just a few minutes, the footprint savings are between 30 % and 70 %, with weight savings between 50 % and 80 % - helping you to free up valuable floor space.

Based on the latest technology, the Socomec Li-Ion battery UPS enables a faster recharge than lead-acid systems, maximising the system's power availability.

Available for the MODULYS GP range, the Li-Ion battery UPS  is ideal for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions.

Download this Technical Guide and learn how the Li-Ion battery UPS offers significant advantages in UPS applications – delivering innovative power protection with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.


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Technical guide: Li-Ion battery UPS

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