Standard ISO 50001, released on 15 June 2011, is the international standard governing energy management in all types of industrial, business and institutional organizations.
Established in 61 countries around the world, it supports organizations in improving and maintaining their energy performance in the long term. This primarily involves getting a better understanding of everyone's needs for greater control over consumption and optimized energy efficiency.
In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of human activity on the planet, the implementation of standard ISO 50001 helps generate energy savings and to lower company operating budgets.
Defining reference consumption patterns according to various criteria (size and orientation of the premises, number of employees, weather conditions, etc.), establishing objectives and targets, implementing action plans for energy management, monitoring the progress of operations, taking action to improve the organization's energy performance...: such are the steps involved in implementing standard ISO 50001, and which are based on a rigorous methodology for continuous improvement.
Find out more information about standard ISO 50001 and download the tehnical note to see how to implement the system and understand its aims.


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Technical Note: implementing ISO 50001

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