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Hold Your Tenants Accountable for Their Energy Usage!

Are you still using an outdated tenant energy billing system? If you're billing your tenants based solely in the amount of space they occupy, you may find yourself losing money—and tenants!

Traditional energy billing lacks transparency, which means that you may be charging your tenants too much (or too little!) for their energy usage. If you're undercharging your tenants, you may be making up the cost! Worse yet, if your tenants feel they're being overcharged, they may seek out another building.

Tenant submetering can help. If you're ready to make a change in the way you bill your tenants, download your free white paper, Tenant Submetering: Understanding Tenant Energy Consumption and Billing Accuracy. Your white paper will explain:

  • Why an accurate and reliable tenant submetering solution is essential
  • How to select your ideal submetering system
  • How your submetering solution can help you automate bills
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